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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Interesting day

Took grinnygranny and auntiepesty out golfing with Ritchie. About half way through auntiepesty had a suger crash. She didn't eat anything for breakfast, and it was hot. Grinnygranny and I walked in the last three holes so she could take the cart back to the proshop and get something to eat at the restaurant. When we got in the EMT's were there they thought she was a little anemic. We got some orange juice in her, fed her a sandwich and had her take some vitamins. She was back to her normal self within a short time. Took it easy the rest of the day. Maybe she'll learn to eat a good breakfast from now on.

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grandma1 said...

When you took Aunty Pesty home it was with the understanding that she would have a primary care doctor and a counsler. She has some very serious eating issues connected with her problem that only a doctor and counsler can help. I tried to sort them out but couldn't. I don't think you want to try. I need to talk to the counsler when you locate one. The counsler needs to know some things that have surfaced sence you left.

Rubber stamp Gloria wants to know when you have a book signing. She wants one of your books.

Annie's husband died and every one is calling to tell me about it. I tried to call her but only got the answering machine. I will call her later when everyone goes home.

Aunty Pesty needs to start blogging again or else she needs to call me more often. It is strang sitting in church without her in the choir.