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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Took Grinnygranny shopping yesterday. She found a top and matching cover that she wore to Church this morning. Went and had lunch at Christy Mae's. They have the most divine Orange Cinnamon Tea. It is to die for. Brought home a gallon of the stuff. It's really strong which is all the better as you can dilute it into two gallons. We've been drinking on it and enjoying every sip.
After church we went golfing. First time we used our new three wheel push carts. They cost a bit, but are so much easier on the back than carrying or the pull carts, and in just a few trips to the golf course will save a bunch on paying for the driving carts. Renewed my yearly pass which lets me golf after 12pm for only $5.00. Grinnygranny isn't certain if she should get one. With her new clubs and push cart she should start playing enough to make it worth our while. Ten bucks everytime is sure alot better than fifty or sixty.
Grinnygranny called her mother and talked for awhile. I talked to Mom for a while too.
Here's hoping all Mother's out there had a good day too.

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