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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekly roundup

Right now I have three guys finishing up the painting of the house. S was supposed to finish it last Sunday, but never showed, he came and did some work on Monday and he has been a no-show the rest of the week. He brought a friend with him and with E they look like they'll finally finish it. This house has a lot of trim and it may not look hard to get it painted, but it does take time to get all the nooks and crannys done.

Went to my last workshop on the business side of writing. The two classes really opened my eyes on a number of issues. Now I have to set up a business plan and start treating my writing seriously. It just entails having to keep meticulous records and I am far from a meticulous person. (The hysterical laughter you hear is my wife and mother reading my understatement).
The most important thing I learned is that I have to treat my writing as a profession and not a hobby. Big sticking point with the IRS. As a result I've deleted my novel in progress blogs. It was nice to get support and comments while working on the stories, but publishers don't like paying for something that has been out to the public for free. Sorry to all the readers (if any) that this affects.

The parents of my seniors are driving me crazy. The nice part of teachng underclassmen all these years was that I didn't have to put up with graduation anxiety. Panic has set in with most of my students who are on the bubble -- high 50% to low 60% averages and it could go either way depending on the final. I understand their concern and fear (I have my own with daughter in Texas just a few weeks from graduating, but it's still up to the student to want to study and pass the test.

Planning on golfing again tomorrow, Grinnygranny just watched Bagger Vance and that always gets her wanting to go out. Great movie one of Will Smith's, Charleze Theron's and Matt Damon's best movies.


JUST A MOM said...

Hey will they come paint MY house too...

P M Prescott said...

Right after I posted the two took off and didn't come back today -- It is exasperating trying to get them to finish what they started. The front of the house is looking better, but it'd be nice for them to be finished.