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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Funny

Police are urging visitors to the city's Financial District to be especially vigilant for a new gang operating a slick routine that is aimed at stealing from unsuspectingpersons.They say that the gang usually comprises four members. While the three younger ones, all appearing to be cute and innocent, divert their "mark" (or intended target) with a show of friendliness and fun, the fourth - (the eldest of this gang of criminals) sneaks in from behind the person's back to expertly rifle undetected through his or her pockets and bags for any valuables being carried.The attached picture was taken with a digital camera and shows the gang inoperation..............


Walker said...

LMAO A quack attack for sure.

Thanks for stopping by my blog

spookyrach said...

A quack attack! That's good!

BAC said...