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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Long week over

Here's some pictures from Glorieta I took last week. Aspens are so pretty when they turn gold.

I started the project Warlords of Japan this week. It'll go to Thanksgiving break. It is involved and keeps me hopping the whole period, with no prep period that makes for a really long day and I don't feel like doing much after I get home except rest. I'll post more once the unit is over.


grandma1 said...

I miss the aspens. M was really glad to see us when we came home. She seems to be doing well. School is unhappy about how many times she has been absent. I quess I have to go to school to straighten this out.

1 plus twins said...

i know you are gonna laugh but where is glorietta?? i thought you lived in new mexico and i didn't think there were aspens there. like i said i know your laughing but i have no clue. lol

P M Prescott said...

For all the others reading and not posting. Glorieta is about 20 miles east of Santa Fe. Most of Northern New Mexico is above 6000 foot elevation and aspens grow in abundance.
Glorieta is home to one of the two of the Southern Baptist Convention's Lifeway encampments (the other on is at Ridgecrest NC). It's where Grinnygranny and I met and holds very special memories for both of us as we have been there all our lives.
It is also where Union forces turned back Confederate forces during the Civil War keeping the South from getting gold from Pikes Peak, which is what they were after.

1 plus twins said...

thank you so much i really had no clue where it was. it truly is beautiful!!

JUST A MOM said...

Very nice can we get some thing like that here????

spookyrach said...

Wow - those are some gorgeous trees! I'm way jealous of your Glorieta trip.