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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hip hip hurray

I received the cover for my book today. They did a spectacular job. It's on to the printers and will be out soon. Can't wait.

Had more work done on the tooth that was giving me trouble. I have a temp crown on it and go back in few weeks for the permanent.

Grinnygranny's surgery scheduled for today has been postponed. We go to another doctor tomorrow and see if she can have the surgery. This may keep us from having around ten people over for Thanksgiving if they reschedule her surgery for next week.

BIL driving in today trying to get MIL to go back to Nebraska with him for Thanksgiving. It would be nice for MIL to be there as all their kids and grandkids will be there. I hope he brought dynamite as that's what it will take to get her out of that house.

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JUST A MOM said...

did you do the book in a month thing I am reallly late here sorry!