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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

WC: First Website I Remember


Today's Wednesday Challenge is, First Website I Remember.

Talk about going down memory lane!

My first e-mail address was in 1998, on dial up. A TV station let you get on their server for free. Then my school district had an e-mail address.

I got my first e-mail address on Yahoo in 2000. I still have it and use it.

From e-mail I got on the world wide web. My brother started a blog on blogspot and I started one up, this one in fact. We started communicating. His blog was religious and political. At first, I enjoyed debating the trolls that frequented his blog, figured out that I was feeding the animals and quit.

Bruce had lots of fellow bloggers and I soon was blogging with a dozen or more. It was a golden age of blogging.

On another blog I serialized Human Sacrifices. I met a number of bloggers who commented on each segment.

I started blogging with two friends here in Albuquerque that were like minded and we started meeting at a local bar where we could meet in person. We called ourselves "The Curmudgeons." Two other bloggers from Colorado came down once to meet with us and we had a really good time.

That was in 2009. The next year most of my blogger friends shut down. Bruce shut down as he got tired of the trolls. 

Facebook killed a good many blogsite. I still have blogger friends counting Top Ten Tuesday and Wednesday Challenge among them. 

Berthold Gambrel and Yogi are a few of those I've kept in touch with from the earlier time. The crazy thing with Yogi, this year when I mentioned that I was having a 50-year high school reunion, we found we attended together. He was a year behind me. Amazing coincidence.

I still count Lydia Schoch and Audrey Driscoll as blogger friends from Berthold's blog.


Lydia said...

I consider you a friend, too!

I’m wondering if blogging is going to see a resurgence now that Twitter is having so many problems and Instagram and Facebook are talking about charging people to post there.

I hope we do see more bloggers coming back and popping up. :)

Priscilla King said...

That's a thought. Some people post enough on Twitter that they might as well be blogging.

P M Prescott said...

Lydia, so do I.

P M Prescott said...

Priscilla, never been on it, but I'm sure you're right.

George said...

I agree, I think Facebook definitely affected the bloggosphere to some extent. Although it didn't wipe it out, I think many jumped to Facebook when it was popular. I think blogging is becoming popular again though.

Marianne said...

I miss the heyday of blogging...

One of these times I'm down in Albuquerque, I'll have to meet you! I go there every few months to see family.

Judy said...

I enjoyed blogging back in the day, but you are right. What I used to post on blogger (which I still have), I put now on Facebook. I enjoyed Twitter more when it was limited in how many characters you could use. I appreciated the conciseness needed.

P M Prescott said...

I really do hope so, George.

P M Prescott said...

Marianne, it would be a pleasure. There's a new bookstore on Coors by Montano that has coffee, tea and scones. It would be a nice place to meet.

P M Prescott said...

Judy, fb and blogger have been all I needed. I'm dropping fb if I have to start paying for it.

Berthold Gambrel said...

I miss the Golden Age of Blogging. Not many left from the good old days. Glad you've stayed around.

P M Prescott said...

I'm glad thay you're still around too.

Michael Mock said...

I miss actually having conversations in blog comments. There are still a few places where it happens, but not many.

P M Prescott said...

That's what made blogging so fun.

Tanith Davenport said...

I also think blogging may make a comeback. I hope so.

Stephen said...

I think things like twitter have an advantage in that they're concentrating the eyes, whereas with blogger, coordinating RSS feeds and the like isn't nearly as intuitive as just clicking 'follow'. I much prefer the world of blogging, though. The conversations tend to be slightly more civilized.

"The Curmudgeons" sounds cool! One of my friends owns a building that used to have a bar in it, and we hang out there to swap gossip, argue, drink, and watch movies. The first website I saw was probably yahoo.com, since when I first saw the World Wide Web I was watching a friend go on yahoo to chat. My full response is at readingfreely.com if you are interested.

P M Prescott said...

As do I, Tanith.

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for coming by, Stephen.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Compuserve was my first online thing. Back in the day of the slow dial up modems. It was interesting.
At work my first, kind of email, was IBM profs, the same system that Oliver North used to do his nasty ass shit. Talk about a pain in the butt to use.
Then AOL was next with its "You've Got Mail."
Blogging in the day was quite the deal. Everybody was blogging. Most bloggers nowadays are old folks.
Instagram is what I love now. For years I posted a blog every day. Now it is once or twice a week. I post on instagram generally twice a week.

I still use facebook but boy i went for a ride with it. I got very political with it as did a lot of people and it caused a lot of hurt feelings. Oh well.

I still love blogging. You get to know people.

Wild about us going to the same high school

P M Prescott said...

Yes, it is, Yogi. You coming back this year for yours?
What I like about my blogging friends now is that it's not political. It's mostly about gardening or books and reviews.