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Thursday, September 23, 2021

MFM information


More information about Matthew Fontaine Maury.
In 1853 Maury coordinated the first international conference on wind, currents and meteorology on the seas. He got England, France and Russia to send delegates to Brussels for the conference during the Crimean War. The conference resolved to send data to Maury at the National Observatory on wind and currents, even in time of war. In return the U.S. would provide updated Wind and Current Charts to all participating countries. By 1858 over 186,000 vessels were floating laboratories reporting to the Observatory. In recognition for his work he was given the following awards:

 A member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences of Russia.

A member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium.

An associate of England’s Royal Astronomical Society.

And a member of some forty other learned societies in the United States, Europe, and the Orient.

The Emperor of Russia made him “Knight of the Order of St. Ann”.

The King of Denmark made him “Knight of the Dannebrog”.

The King of Portugal, “Knight of the Tower and Sword”.

The King of Belgium, “Knight of the Order of St. Leopold.”

The Emperor of France, “Commander of the Legion of Honour.”

At the request of Alexander von Humbolt, Maury received the Great Gold Medal of the Paris Universal Exposition.

A Great Gold Medal from the Emperor of France.

The Great Gold Medal of the King of the Netherlands.

The Great Gold Medal of Arts and Sciences from the Emperor of Austria.

The Gold Medal of Sardinia.

The Gold Medal struck especially by the order of the King of Sweden and Norway. 

The Pope sent a complete set of all the medals which had been struck during his pontificate as a mark of his appreciation of Maury's services in the cause of science.

The Czar of Russia and Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria sent jeweled pins to his wife, Ann. 

Most of these awards are on permanent display in the National Museum of the United States, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

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