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Thursday, November 14, 2019

I was almost a millionare

When I was growing up my mother would give my brother and me fifty cents a week. That's how often new editions of comic books came out. We'd go to the drug store near our house and buy four comic books. They were two for a quarter. We got the first edition of Fantastic Four, Spider Man,  The Hulk, Sgt. Fury, X-Men, numerous Classics Illustrated and so on. Then one horrible day we got home from school and Mom threw them in the trash. The trash men got our horde. Oh what they would be worth today!

Now this is on me. My parents used to get a hard back copy of Zane Grey stories every month. We had around fifty of them. They were kept in a book case with their red tops and off white bottom proudly displayed. My brother and I read many of them, not all, but quite a few. If we needed to write a book report that's what we wrote it on. 
Keep in mind this is the days of Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel, Cheyanne, The Virginian, High Chaparral, The Rifleman, Wanted Dead or Alive, and many more tv show westerns. Not to mention John Wayne movies.
The Zane Grey bookcase was down in the basement, long forgotten when I got married. I needed the book case and put the books in a box and tried to sell them on e-bay. No takers. I gave them to Goodwill. So long Riders of the Purple Sage, Rainbow Trail, Roque River Feud, 30,000 on the hoof. Brother needed to write a book about animals. Mom told him, how about 30,000 of them.
I just discovered this today. It shook me to the core. On Amazon the books pictured here are selling for $1,999.99. That's only for eight of them! Great Caesar's Ghost what I fool I am.


Lydia said...

Wow! What a story. I wonder who ended up with those books and if they know they're worth a fortune?

P M Prescott said...

No telling. They were well used. Most of the spines were cracked and you couldn't read the title.