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Monday, May 06, 2019

Mark Dawson: Author

Kindle Unlimited is great for retired old farts like me with little to do but read. Of course I read prodigiously before I became a retired old fart, but it was with real books not electronic ones. My eyes can't handle the miniscule print of most books today.
That was a preamble for my latest author find. Mark Dawson.
In the past two months I've read 21 of his books.This guy writes like crazy. It is non-stop action from page one to the heart pounding climax at the end.  The first 14 are his John Milton series. It's a simple premise. John Milton is Number 1 in Group 15. A governmental hit squad for MI6. He gets burned
out after killing over a hundred people. The problem is that this isn't a job he can retire from. He knows too much.
What prompted this attack of conscience is his alcoholism. The way he chose to forget all those he killed was by drinking it away. He starts going AA meetings. Something that Group 15 frowns upon as he could divulge state secrets. The most important part of the twelve steps in number 9. Restitution. He can't do much for all those he's killed, but his form of restitution is to help those in need around him. A kind of one man A-Team. In the first book he tries to help a single mother and her teenage son living in a project dominated by a gang. It doesn't turn out well as Group 15 sends out someone to eliminate him and innocents get caught in the crossfire.
The first few books have him being chased by Group 15 until he fights back and eliminated the paranoid head of the agency known as Control.
This leads me to the next seven books. A former Number 1, Beatrix Rose went into hiding from Control when Milton just joined the team. Control Killed her husband and kidnapped her daughter. She hid and didn't seek retribution for the safety of her child. When Milton decides to go after Control he teams up with her and they get Control to flee and get Group 15 under better management.
Beatrix gets her daughter back, but she's dying of cancer and doesn't have long to teach her how to survive without her.

 This leads to a three book set of Rose hunting down the five agents that murdered her husband and kidnapped her daughter. At the same time doing intensive training for her daughter to defend herself from those wanting to use her for revenge. Beatrix is aided in this by the new Control Alexander Pope.

This is followed by a four book set, so far, on Isabella Rose after her mother dies. Alexander Pope is fired from Group 15 and Group 15 is disbanded. Pope enlists the aid of Isabella to infiltrate a private school to befriend the son of a man he suspects is supplying money to ISIS. And the stories keep coming.

I just found out that there are three Beatrix Rose novels out set during the time while she was hiding out in Hong Kong. Now I've got three more of his books to read. Mouth is drooling in anticipation.


Berthold Gambrel said...

These sound pretty cool. My TBR list is long, but I am adding these to it.

Lydia said...

Yeah, these do sound like interesting books.