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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Farewell to a good blogger

For many years I've blogged with Michael, whenever I left  a comment on his blog he always faithfully left one on mine. Since retiring and turning to serious writing along with facebook I've not blogged very much. Now one of my few blogger friends is shutting his sight down. It's a shame as blogging was great in it's heyday. You could truly speak your mind and others would either support it or discuss it a few trolls crept in from time to time, but it was a wonderful sharing of minds. Michael, you will be sorely missed. Live long and prosper my friend.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It seems that blogging is on the decline now. I've known lots of bloggers who are no longer active and several the past two years who have died.

Unknown said...

PM: You are so kind, my friend. Thank you for the generous mention here. It is heartfelt. My site is outdated and my life is transitioning to new projects. The paradigm had to change. It is sad that most of our friends have left and at least two, Denny Shane and "Coloring Out of the Lines" have passed away. But for the vast majority of the remaining bloggers, it was merely a hobby. It became like a fun crowd of people leaving an amusement park, albeit, with little remorse; I doubt too many looked back. For myself, I have to reconfigure a new site around my career. But thank you for your loyalty over the years, and let's do remain in touch! You're a fine writer and a good person, PM! :)