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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Issue for comments

There's a blogger I read regularly named Samantha. She's liberating herself from purity culture, the most virulent of Christian fundamentalism. Most of the time I sympathize with her, understand where she's coming from having briefly flirted with fundamentalism as a teenager, fought it at a Baptist college and seminary and lived through the takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention by thieves in sheep's clothing.
One thing we have in common is that we can't find a regular church where a free exchange of ideas is permitted and have resorted to attending a small house church.
I rejoice that she and many of her commenters are fleeing the patriarchy and rape culture it breeds and mind control of religious tyrants. She's had a hard life and even harder effort to build her future while maintaining her belief.
This post left me shaking my head. Please read.

I don't want to reply to it in this post, but welcome comments for a discussion there.


Unknown said...

Hi P M: Aspects of most any religion can be hijacked, misused and misinterpreted. This subject is really out of my field. But I am certain that there are places, perhaps on college campuses or Bible Colleges where, in fact, healthy and meaningful discussion does take place. I certainly hope so. That's the extent of my two cents. Have a very good week! :)

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for your comment, Michael.