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Monday, December 01, 2014

My books on Amazon

Individual novels are $0.99, the trilogy is $2.99

Fletcher Family Battles available for $0.99
 John Fletcher is a young knight looking to find a wife and begin his life until King Edward I decides to invade France. Fighting alongside the Black Prince at the battle of Crecy and making a name for himself he becomes the patriarch of of the Fletcher family of Mill Town Abbey.

John Fletcher is child of a third son and decides he doesn't like studying to be a priest. Entering the army of Henry VIII he's sent to Spain in what becomes known as Wolsey's War coming home in disgrace. Joining the artillery when Scotland threatens to invade he redeems himself at the battle of Flodden.

Milton Fletcher is the second son of John Fletcher master of Mill Town Abbey. Thomas Wolsey the King's Almoner favors him and he starts to rise in the bureaucracy being created by the most formidable man in England.

Gregor Fletcher is head of Clan Fletcher in Aberdeen. Called by King James IV to join in the invasion of England his whole clan is on the line should they fail.


Unknown said...

Patrick: Your output is amazing. I know very little about distribution plans for books. But I wonder of you attend writer's conventions/conferences? Many good contacts thereto broaden your reach. I haven't written a book yet. Again, congratulations!

P M Prescott said...

I thought you had one coming out soon on the airline industry.
I used to belong to Southwest Writer's workshop and coordinated a west side group called writer's 2 writers, but the west side group died and SWW was getting a little repetitious over time. I did make a number of good friends in the group and we get together for book signings. Optimus is the only book in hard copy right now, but soon I will send the others to the printer.