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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Glad things are getting back to normal

Wow the winter Olympics were long. It seemed to me that everything snowboarders were doing also had skiers doing. Thank goodness we didn't have to watch cross country snowboarding. Wife had to watch both the afternoon sessions and evening even late night. Even she agreed to fast forward through an hour and a half of cross country skiing after the first couple of days.
I was a distance runner and cross country has to be the most boring sport in the world if you're not participating in it. It's best for the spectator to watch everyone leave and when they come back, the in between is tedious. The afternoons seemed to be nothing but cross country. There were different lengths of cross country, male and female, then the different lengths of biathlon, male and female, then team etc. How many times can you watch guys crawling crablike up a hill?
Figure skating, downhill, bobsled, luge, speed skating long and short track were much more exciting. Not so big on the half-pipe stuff.
I don't even want to mention the special features on the lives of the athletes. For everyone who made it, there are thousands with just as sad a story who worked just as hard and didn't.


Unknown said...

The Women's Bobsled events were overshadowed by the Lolo Jones story, and questions of the top management. I'm not sure who is right. Each had their respective points and I sincerely tried to consider them. But the inspiring stories I heard including Lolo's) were quite humbling and. I agree,
P M, that there will always be others with compelling stories we are not aware of.

P M Prescott said...

Yes, and I guess they have to fill up the hours with the human interest, but over the two weeks the stories were so similar they blurred.