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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Family safe

Brother and his family that live in Oklahoma are all safe. Living South of Oklahoma City the storms seem to pass above them. I can remember going to my neice's wedding and she was rather upset when everyone left her reception early due to a tornado warning. We stayed in the hotel on the tenth floor that night. Contrary to what that asshole televangelist is saying believe me WE PRAYED THAT NIGHT.
Forty years ago I was exiled to Texas for five years going to college in Plainview and a year in Fort Worth. In those years I came to learn what real weather was like. Albuquerque's weather is so mild by comparison that it was a rather rude awakening my first years away. After enduring the constant 30-40 mile an hour winds of West Texas, the humidity of East Texas, instant weather changes, ice storms, dust storms, thunder storms where the booms can shatter glass and spending nights in storm shelters or riding out the warnings and watches praying the bit one misses you I was glad to get back to the relatively safe Rio Grande Valley where Sandia Mountain acts as a weather buffer. Now if it would only rain a little! Guess you can't have everything.


Unknown said...

Good news that they are safe, P M.

P M Prescott said...

Thank you, Michael.