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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Favorite Christmas Songs

So I was a little Scroogy in my last post. Yes, Virginia I do have some Christmas songs I dearly love.
So here are my top Christmas songs with some of my favorite performers who sing them.
Drum roll.....
1. O Holy Night -- Michael Crawford's version is spectacular.
2. What Child Is This -- Barbara Mandrell really belts this one out.
3. Snoopy's Christmas -- The Royal Guardsmen may be mostly remembered for Snoopy and the Red Baron, but this song, woefully underplayed on radio, goes past satire and explains the German Yule of giving gifts and celebrating Winter Soltice with their enemies. "Christmas bells those Christmas bells ringing through the land..."
4. Pas De Deux from The Nutcracker. Last year I recorded five different showings of this ballet off Ovation channel just to watch the five different ways this song was performed. I never tire of yearing this song or watching the dance. It's beautiful.
5. Blue Christmas -- Beach Boys version is best, wife love's Elvis.
6. O Tannenbaum -- Nat King Cole, makes your heart melt.
7. Carol of the Bells -- It's snappy


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I could go with this list.

I also enjoy "Mary Did You Know?" I think is the name of it. I hadn't heard it until a few years ago, apparently it has been around a few years.

Unknown said...

P M: A fine list. I think Elvis could have retired on the royalties from "Blue Christmas" alone! :)

P M Prescott said...

There a so many songs that inspire, Yogi, that is a good one and Ave Maria is a gorgeous song too.

P M Prescott said...

Michael, a very good point.

Unknown said...

Beautiful and magical songs listed above by author. enjoy with them and Merry Christmas to all!
Christmas Music Online

Anonymous said...

Great little Christmas song


P M Prescott said...

Brent and Anon, thanks for your comments.

Unknown said...

Nice list! Here's one to consider adding "Feeling Like a Kid" My wife wrote and sings it so I might be biased :) The song is free to download here:


The whole album is great if you want to check it out:

David Kris