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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

  • Since buying back the publishing rights to Optimus I've been editing it. Easier to write than edit.
  •  We've reroofed the house and put on a nice new white door with oval window and storm door. It really brightens up the house both inside and out.
  • Tried to have a little getaway with the wife Friday, but got called in to work in the morning. It was still nice to spend two nights away from everything going on in the house.
  • Played first golf tournament yesterday a two man scramble, didn't do too well, but it was fun. Golfing tomorrow with a golfing buddy from a couple of years ago trying to get him in the Gaggle.


Unknown said...

All worthwhile activities brimming with life, P M!

My Best,

P M Prescott said...

That says alot knowing how full your plate is, Michael.

Ramesh said...

It look like you are really being busy for something.Have a great work.But why don;t you try to change few things about your blog also.It look like simple.Just use lot's of tips those which are given in different websites.It will depend upon you because your current working schedule is also good.

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Ramesh.