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Sunday, August 07, 2011


Wife's work had a retreat and we stayed at a local hotel for two nights. Nice room, had the pool all to ourselves Friday afternoon while everyone else went shopping. Banquets Thurs & Friday nights and on Friday morning seminars. Banquet rooms need better chairs. Sitting through the presentation over three days in those chairs is nearly deadly.
The couple that presented had good skits and a well needed message. Friday night we saw the movie Courageous from Sherwood Baptist Church that did Fireproof. It will have a theatrical release in September. It's an excellent movie with lots of humor to break up the more serious parts.
Dropped the wife off Sat morning and did 5 hours as a marshall on the golf course. Strip club had a tournament, but it was more about a bunch of guys with a girl or two seeing how much beer they could guzzle. Course made a mint on the booze.
Came home took a quick shower and we went to the Isotopes game which had a fireworks night. 'Topes were up 20-7 at the end of the 4th inning. The only thing that kept the crowd there was the fireworks. We only go to the Isotopes once or twice a summer. Before they built the new stadium and when the kids were little going to the Dukes was a cheap form of entertainment. You could park in the outfield for little money and tailgate. They had family night coupons and you could take in your own cooler and parking was free.
Now it's 5 bucks to park, you have to buy drinks and food there, tickets are still fairly reasonable, but the whole experience is not the bargain it was with the Dukes.
Needless to say I spent most of today napping trying to recover. I have to marshall for 5 hours again tomorrow. What I have to do for free golf, only after putting in the hours as a marshall I haven't had the time to get out there and golf for free.

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