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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little Fall

We were just getting ready to leave for Church today when Mom called. She'd gone to early church and fell right on the knee she had replaced in September. I went over and she was icing it down. Doesn't seem to be much damage as she was able to walk on it and there wasn't any swelling.
I brought her over here and we had a nice lasagna dinner then watched three hours of the John Adams mini-series she's never seen. She was getting a little stiff by the time I took her home. She's going to call her doctor tomorrow and will most likely get some e-rays taken on her knee to make sure there no other damage.


Unknown said...

Your poor Mom! She has to be a very brave lady. She is in my thoughts and prayers for perfect x-ray results, PM! Moms are special!!

P M Prescott said...

Thank you for your concerns. She still in pain, but doing fine.