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Monday, December 07, 2009

Mondays are for teaching.

The London Times has a section called Schoolgate every Monday. If you, dear readers have wondered why Monday is when I have a post on teaching it's usually in response to an article I came across there. The focus is on educatin in Merry Olde England, but education hasn't changed much since the Sophists made Socrates drink hemlock. (We're just a little more genteel about it today).
Today's post was by a blogger under the name Mr. Teacher . It's nice to know others feel as I do concerning our profession and he has an engaging writing style. Give him a look and spend time reading his posts. You're a better man than me Gunga Din (Mr. Teacher) putting in twelve hour days. I only manage eight, then again I walk to work and don't have to worry about rush hour traffic. Oops, I was putting in twelve hour days in October for our Next Step program, but that was for only two days. Concidering we're only payed for 61/2 hour days I think the taxpayers are getting a bargain.
That said, a dear teacher friend of mine told me today she's had it and was turning in her letter of resignation. She will substitute next semester. Main reason: she's tired of parents calling her names and blaming her for their children's problems. Had a rather nasty parent/teacher conference Friday. I'll miss her and wish her well. I've felt that way a time or two after a meeting like that, but I'm not going to let a parent or student (even administrator) determine my career, just kind of persnickety that way.


One Fly said...

Could there be a post from you sometime on parents of kids who have issues? I'd read that.

P M Prescott said...

I could do it, but it would violate ethics. What is said in a parent/teacher conference is confidential.

Unknown said...

Teachers are very disrespected today and subject to administrators who enable bad parents. That's just my view. I feel very badly when I see a dedicated teacher like yourself and others enduring such injustices.

P M Prescott said...

Michael, thanks for your kind words. Every profession has its stesses, but most other professions have a measure of control over responsibilities. Educators are at the mercy of everyone who attended school and think they know how to fix it.