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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No more facebook

Well I tried facebook. I said hi to a few alums from Wayland, but one guy became so obnoxious pushing his real estate business, and other than saying hello to everyone else it wasn't worth the hassle.
I also dropped out of the pro-am tournament. Threre's just too much going on right now to try and do everything.


Unknown said...

P M: I'm not at all surprised by your decision to leave Facebook. I closed my account permanently. I feel that Blogger will have it's challengers, but basically, it is going to be around for the long term. Facebook just strikes me as a fad. Then there's the time factor with two mediums that overlap. I fail to see the attraction. But because it is newer, people use it. The real future and opportunity to create will remain with Blogger.

I was sorry to see you leave the tournament. However, when I shuttered "Friday Movie Suggestion Night" it was the right thing to do. It took far too many hours to maintain. I'm sure you made the correct decision for yourself (at this time). However, I hope you will consider a future tournament!

P M Prescott said...

Time is the key element and I'm comfortable with blogging.
I do plan on playing in some tournaments and I may still play in this one should things change time wise between now and then. This summers my schedule is really crazy and constantly changing.

Unknown said...

PM: I'm glad you have not rukled out future tournaments when time allows. You will be in a better position to enjoy them! :)