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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer fun

I've been hitting the golf courses quite often the last two weeks. It's fun getting into shape.
I book most of my tee times through GolfNow. The costs are lower and they have a few perks. One of the perks is that if you book 5 tee times you get a free round of golf. I went online to set up my free round only to be told they ran out of them and to check back later. I know sooner or later I'll get my free round, but this does speak about how popular the site has become.
Sonic is giving out free Rootbeer floats today. Oh does that bring back memories from working at an A&W Rootbeer stand. (Added later) Grinnygranny and Auntypesty wanted to take them up on their offer. You couldn't get close to the place! Sitting there for thirty minutes or more to just get in an order would cost more in gasoline than the floats. I wonder if the oil industry is subsidizing the giveaway?
I've also been going through boxes of pictures looking for some of the cars I've owned over the years. You won't believe how many pictures we have of all the animals over the years. It'll take some time to put the kids and grand kids pictures in chronological order. For some reason I can't find many pictures of our vehicles, unless they were used as a backdrop, but only a portion of the cars, trucks and vans are visible.


Unknown said...

P M: I did a travelogue a few years ago on key cars I owned. Where I didn't have a photo, I borrowed one from the web. Do continue the series. It is fun! Glad to hear you are golfing. Very good for the soul too!!!:)

P M Prescott said...

I will, the posts are coming up.

Anonymous said...

Happened upon your blog about the Camaro. We purchased a very similar car new back in 1976. It was my wife's car. She loved it.

Here is a link to a photo of it.