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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

30 years today

Everyone else may be glued to the tv to see how the elections going, but Grinnygranny and I are in Glorieta celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. This is where we met, and where we have shared numerous joyous days and nights over the years.
We stopped off at the factory outlet mall in Santa Fe and we each bought an anniversary present. That way we get what we want while still thanking each other for the gift.
We're not alone as this is actually a retreat for all those that GG works with, and there was one meeting already and another scheduled in a few minutes. We've had a nice lunch and dinner in the dining hall with pleasant conversation and there will be a couple of meetings tomorrow before we head back. Nice to have a couple of days like this and I only had to use one personal day of leave.
Everyone is having to watch tv to see how the election is going when they all know the final tally is a good three to five days off in the tight congressional and senatorial races.


One Fly said...

Sincere congratulations!!

P M Prescott said...

Thank you.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Happy Anniversary and many more to come!

P M Prescott said...

Irina you comment is greatly appreciated. Now go back and study for that law degree.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! I send you my Sincere Congratulations, p m!!!!!! :)

P M Prescott said...

Again, our many thanks to all well wishers.