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Monday, March 05, 2007

Rather disappointed

I received a letter from my royalties account. I have a ballance of 0.00. Not one book of Optimus has been sold through a bookstore. The booksigning I had was with my books, Hastings didn't buy any. I tried to get a booksigning at Barnes & Noble, but they won't buy any books seeing as PublishAmerica has a no return policy, and they won't purchase any that can't be returned. Borders hasn't called me back, but they most likely have the same policy. I do have a booksigning at B. Daltons for April 7. Of the fifty that I bought I have five left. I'm planning on buying another 10 or 20. If I keep plugging away at it maybe six months from now I might actually get a royalty check.
I signed up for a seminar Saturday at Southwest Writers on the business side of writing. I've talked to some of the other authors who have had numerous books published and they have yet to make a profit. I guess I can take some consolation in that.

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