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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Random thoughts

Friday we had the wake for Robyn. About fifteen people showed up and we had a celebration of a wonderful person's life. I had asked her when she first told us her diagnosis if she had any family and she said "No". Come to find out at the wake that her mother is still alive and her sister quit her job, moved here and took care of her for the last three months.
The school is collecting donations in order to plant a tree in her memory. We discussed what kind of tree would be most appropriate to represent her. Since she was so thin and tall we want a tree like that. Someone suggested a poplar, but they are rather short lived trees. I'm partial to aspens, but being on the mesa our elevation may be too low for that tree. We have plenty of time to research and come up with one. The courtyard for the school is scheduled for a complete renovation over the Summer and we'll make sure her tree is given a prominent place.

Today was "Sanctity of Life Sunday" at church. Grinnygranny held her breath waiting for me to start World War III, but I was good and didn't say anything too controversial.

Grinnygranny's mother and brother are back in town. MIL is putting the house on the market and they will be packing things up for the trip back to Nebraska. We've taken some boxes down and E's going to be helping. BIL and Grinnygranny are pulling their hair out trying to get MIL to get everything out of deceased Father-in-law's name and into hers. She hates doing the paperwork. BIL is finally putting his foot down and making her get some of this done. Just seems to me that there is an awful lot to do in just a week.

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JUST A MOM said...

hey sorry I am late and sorry about your friend.

I have finely put your blog on my side bar. late for that too.