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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Day

Received a phone call in class today, hard to fuss at the kids when my cell phone interupts my teaching. It was Toshiba calling saying that my laptop was on its way back, and they had replaced the screen. When I got home there was a big box in the door, guess what -- it was my laptop. That was fast. Nice to have it back.

Graduation was at 3:30, but had to be at the Pit at 2:00. When it was over (what a traffic jam as AHS was coming in as we were going out) went to have dinner with Grinnygranny at Japanese Kitchen for Tepanyaki. It was closed for renovations, so we had a nice dinner at Steak N Ale instead. Had to rush home for Dancing with the Stars.
Len Goodman was Mr. Nasty last week as a judge, he's Mr. Nice Guy.

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