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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

ttt 012120

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is books on my TBR list.

Highland Abduction by Keira Montclair. This is the second book in a series of nine named the Band of Cousins. Set in 1300's Scotland, it's similar to Outlander  without the time travel. I enjoyed the first book and am looking forward to this one.

On Writing by Steven King. It's high time I get this and treat it like my writing bible.

Dark Path by Melissa F. Miller. I've read the first few books in Miller's Sasha McCandless series  and  We Sisters series They are good legal thrillers and mysteries. This is the first in her Bohdi King Series. The first or first few books in the series are available on unlimited, but then she wants five bucks for each e-book for the rest of the series. When she has from 9 to 12 books in each series that gets a little to steep for me.

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton. The cover intrigued me. I purposely didn't read the synopsis, hoping the main character's name is Harvey.

When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O'Neal. The title grabbed me on this one.

Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQueston. I've seen this on a number of lists over the last few months and I'll give it a try.

Arch Enemies by Marissa Meyer. Cover and title caught my attention and it was mentioned on a number of posts on this weeks TTT.

Sin Eater by Megan Campisi. Again mentioned on a number of posts today. Looks interesting.

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. Love the title. Wonder if is similar to Jaqueline Suzanne's Love Machine?

We are the Dead by Mike Shackle. Mentioned today and it sounds right up my alley.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Vintage Science Fiction Month

Lydia Schoch posted that this month is Vintage Science Fiction Month.
If you're talking vintage Sci-fi the first name that pops up on my radar is Isaac Asimov.

When I belonged to the Science Fiction book club in the mid 70's I fell in love with Isaac Asimov's anthologies. He was a fantastic editor of short story books from authors long forgotten.
Like a good number of his books they've not been transformed into e-book and are out of print. These three were eye opening to me at the time. Some truly great stories found in pulp magazines from the 1920's and 30's.

I read the Foundation Trilogy in high school. Asimov expanded the concept to a number of other books like he did his robot series. The fall of the Roman Empire in science fiction.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wednesday Challenge 011520

Books I can't wait to read:

1. Tony Roberts: Anything he has coming up. The fourth and final book in the Siren Series. The next installment of the Kastania Chronicles. The next Casca book. The next Dark Blade book.

2. The next book by Berthold Gambrel.

3, The next book by Paula Paul.

4. Next Martinez, Lassiter detective Mystery by Joseph Badal

5 I just downloaded this one. Comes with free audio.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday 011420

This week I'm listing everything I've got going right now that's keeping me from writing.

1. Every Thursday my son and I have a lunch with my church's men's group. It's helping my son open up and tell about his experiences while in the Air Force after 911. The other men are all Vietnam vets and are helping him.

2. Saturday I've been asked to speak to the cities men's prayer breakfast. They want me to talk about writing Christian books, and how to market them. I haven't got a clue what I'm going to say.

3. Sunday I'm teaching my Sunday School class on the book of Hebrews. I have a Tyndale commentary that dissects every aspect of the meaning of every bloody Greek word. The other book tries to compare the writing with all the other writers from the time period like Josephus, Philo, Plato. Epictetus, etc. Going to have to wing this one. Hello seminary class notes from 1977.

4. Last Saturday my  wife and I joined a gym. We've tried exercising at a gym with only exercise equipment. We'd be faithful for about a month and then pay for year without going. This gym is twice as much, but it has classes and a pool. We worked out Saturday and walked in the pool. Monday I just worked out, but wife walked in the pool. Today we did an Aqua Pilates class. Doubt I'll be able to get out of the bed tomorrow. 
We both need to lose weight and this looks to be something that will work. If it helps me cut down on the insulin I'm using it will be worth it. Aqua Pilates again Thursday. Those noodles are torture devices. 

5. I need to pull a short story from twenty years ago, edit it and then share it with W2W at February's meeting. I might post it here once I'm done.

6. The ARC I've taken on is sending me a book to review every week. They're not very long and easy reading, but it's getting time consuming.

I'm ready to go back to work to slow down.

Monday, January 13, 2020

All my books

Optimus: Praetorian Guard, Optimus is a hard living, hard drinking legionnaire. He's assigned to guard a man named Paul, who converts him to belief in Jesus. He  then attempts to place a Christian on the Eagle throne of Rome.

Human Sacrifices
: A woman trying to recover from an abusive husband. Trying to be a good Christian while being abused by her church. Trying to be a good teacher while frustrated by the administration, parents and tuned out students. She finds a good man to marry and tries to live as happy a life as possible.

Vander's Magic Carpet
: A physics professor is falsely accused of selling drugs and spends two years in prison. His wife is murdered and his daughter commits suicide while he is away. 
Vander's develops a way to place superconductor plates under anything and it will fly. He develops the first flying car and uses his invention to make the system pay for his wrongs.

Fan Plan Trilogy
Meteor Strike:  In 1965 a meteor strikes a super volcano: Yellowstone. At Trans World Oil their computer analyses the data from the earth quake and determines in 50 to 100 years the volcano will  explode creating a volcanic winter. The company decides to try and save not only members of their family, but to salvage civilization so the world is not turned back into the stone age. Their motto: When it hits the fan, you need a plan. One part of the plan is to create a Scientific Secret Police. After the eruption and they are trying to save civilization the SSP is to stamp out all superstition and anyone claiming they speak for God.
Preparation: The second generation Drakes and O'Neil's continue setting up the principle on the Fan Plan Account needed to fund their efforts. Through the 1970's and 80's they start collecting literature, technical manuals, artwork and other cultural artifacts from across the world. A private island owned by TWO is named World's End and this is where they plan to stockpile everything needed to save humanity.
Countdown: The 1990's and the beginning of the twenty first century bring the third generation to the forefront. One of the family in college is abducted, raped and left for dead. This brings TWO into the spotlight during a public trial of the drug gang facing the death penalty.
The secret of the Fan Plan becomes public. It is met with skepticism and laughter. Volcanologists refute the computer's prediction and TWO is subject to investigation for defrauding it's stockholders. Doubt begins to creep into the family until an unlikely member of the family proves them right and that Yellowstone will explode within the time frame.

Fletcher Family Battles:
Crécy: John Milton is becomes a knight and is a vassal of a powerful lord. England is peaceful and all the worry he has is in finding a wife. Once married and he thinks the future is bright, King Edward musters all the knights for an invasion of France. He fights in the invasion, capture of a castle and the battle of Crécy.

Poitier: Milton Fletcher is the son of John who fought at Crécy. He raises Destrier's for his liege lord, Sir Arthur. The Black Prince musters up knights and Milton follows his lord to battle.

Flodden: King Henry (the eighth of that name) sends an army to help his father-in-law Ferdinand of Spain. John Milton joins up to fight. He's a great-great grandson of Milton Fletcher who fought at Poitier. Known as Wolsey's war it's a disaster and all left alive are sent back to England in disgrace.
Milton Fletcher, another descendent of John and Milton is a priest attending Bishop Wolsey, the almoner to the king.
When Henry decides to invade France he is one of the many minions of Wolsey to make sure this time the war is a success.
Gregor Fletcher is from clan Fletcher is Scotland. King James is enticed to invade England by the King of France and he calls up all the clans. Clan Fletcher obeys.
John upon returning to England finds work hard to find and is nearly reduced to begging when Queen Catherine calls for a muster of troops to defend England from the Scots. He happily enlists and marches to battle at Flodden. 

Apple of SuccessA teacher in a small town moves to the big city leaving behind students for an executive position in the banking world. Will her small town values and faith survive?

Cloisonné Heart: A man's slow descent into divorce.

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Wednesday Challenge

My goals for 2020:

1. Finish proofreading Stephanus and get self published.
2. I'm working on a sci-fi story, tentatively titled A Private Pain.
3. Continue reading as many books as I can off of Amazon's unlimited. 
4. Try to get through my TBR list while keep adding more to it.
5. Build up Writers2writers reading group. Right now we're running from four to six attending. We're starting to share what we're working on and getting feed back. Next month we're going for two hours instead of one for the meeting time.
6. Try to keep up with TTT and Wednesday challenge. I enjoy the comradery of both groups.

My Sci-fi book about marketing flying cars. Available on Amazon for .99. 

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Short reviews

These are some books I've enjoyed lately:

Irreparable Harm by Melissa F Miller. This is the first book in a legal thriller series with Sasha McCandless. She's half Russian and Irish, five foot even and weighs a hundred pounds of Krav Maga trained dynomite. She also works at a prestegious law firm in Philidelphia and is assigned to defend an airline when one of their planes crashes into a mountain.
The story is full of insights into the Olympian world of high class lawyers. One insight I loved was: First year lawyers are like gold fish, when one dies you flush it and get another. 
Sasha gets involved with an Air Marshal trying to figure out how someone was able to control the plane and fly it into a mountain by remote control. She meets Leo Connolly when he holds a gun on her and she gives him a broken nose, and a broken trigger finger when she yanks the gun away from him. 
All the reader can do is pity the poor thugs sent to get a file of information they think she has and live to regret it. It's a fun read. BTW the law firm she's working at is Prescott & Talbot.

Cavern of the Lost Souls by Nicholas Harvey.
This is an intriguing story. There's not much dialog in the beginning, but it's captivating. Jonty Gladstone is a scuba diver that loves to explore underwater cave complexes. He makes a big mistake while on a dive, he doesn't have a spare mask when the one he's using loses its lens. He finds his tether line is broken leaving him blind and lost. He can get above the water line, and he has to find his way out before dying for lack of water and food with what air he has left in his tanks..
AJ Bailey is just starting out with a boat to take  tourists out and dive the reefs around Grand Cayman Island. She hears about a diver reported as a missing person and gets talked into trying to find him.
This is a simple survivals story, but it keeps you captivated the whole way. It's listed as book 0 in the series as a way of introducing you to AJ in the next books.

The Eighth Sister by Roger Dugoni. First in a series on former CIA operative Charles Jenkins.
This starts as a regular spy thriller. Twenty years after Jenkins walks away from the CIA he's roped back in because some Russian agents are being killed. Someone is selling their names and he's sent into Moscow to try and find the traitor.
His cover is blown and a Six foot five inch African American is trying to hide in Russia while attempting to escape.
The second part of the book is after he makes it back home. He's the arrested for being the traitor. Naturally there's no record of his having been sent on the mission. This turns into a legal thriller as he figures out who the real traitor is and trying to prove it.
The book keep your heart pounding and adrenaline flowing at the climax of each part. It has an unusual twist at the end.