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Sunday, May 19, 2013

White Noise

National White Noise
  • Anyone else getting tired of the Republican Sound Machine ratcheting up and inventing scandals to scream about? I mean, give Bengazi a rest already. It has long since stopped being four Americans who gave their lives and should be remembered with dignity. They do seem to be getting sloppy when it comes out they used false e-mails to stir up this fussing point. Maybe the American Public will get wise to this garbage and tune it out.
  • Maybe it's me, but targeting the Tea Baggers was a good idea and Obama should have praised those who had the guts to put those assholes on the hot seat.

Local White Noise
  • The golf course closest to where I live recently planted seed to replace winter kill. They now have the fattest pigeons in the city. A real shame if they could get grass to grow there it would be a great course, but with the alkali in the soil and this drought it's not very playable.
  • City is going through its anual maximum stress quotient for drivers. You can't go anywhere that isn't under construction.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

The GOP finally has a real issue with the IRS tea party thing. But trying to link it to the White House? I remember contacting several tea partiers here in Tulsa when the movement first started up becuause I was totally confused. Talk about squabbles among the various local factions about the money donated by various businesses. I could see why the IRS got overwhelmed.
I sensed that the local yahoos were ecstatic that people were willing to give them money and they were determined to get their share.

P M Prescott said...

As Jim Hightower calls them, "Thieves in High Places."