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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Golf

For Mother's Day Paako Ridge, which is on the East side of Sandia Mountain, let mother's play for free. When we drove up there was this vintage Bentley on display and it made for a great picture.
 Grinnygranny and I booked a tee time and did a wonderful 9 holes. Wifey doesn't play much golf over the winter and is starting to get into playing shape. Still riding 9 holes at Paako is equal to walking 18 on any of the municipals in Albuquerque. The area is gorgeous, there were clouds keeping it cool most of the time we were out on the course. We stopped in the snack bar afterwards for Green Chile Cheeseburgers and watched Sergio Garcia hit two straight balls into the water hazzard to ruin 70 good holes in the Player's Championship and a tie up to that point with Tiger Woods for first place dropping him way down the leaderboard. Over all we had a really great day and GG is getting the golfing bug back so we'll be hitting the links together more over the summer. In a few months we'll hit their senior's rate and they let you play for free on your birth month if you're on their e-mail list so we'll be going back to Paako a number of times this season.


Michael Manning said...

P M: I admire your patience and dedication to Golf. I think it's a fine sport. Alice Cooper has been into it for years, along with other musicians who use it to relax and enjoy! Glad to hear you are out and about on a beautiful course!

P M Prescott said...

Michael, whenever you come by here call me up and we'll hit a few balls on a driving range or maybe ruin a good walk chasing after a little white ball.