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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Anne Littlewolf, aka Raven1, sent me some pictures of her wolfpup. So as not to make my own four legged children jealous I'll be posting pictures of them later.


1 plus twins said...

did you say that is a wolf pup? it looks like a siberan husky to me. can't wait to see the pictures of your 4 legged friends.

Anonymous said...

Raven is 3/4 Timberwolf and 1/4 Malamute. You can see from the second picture she leads a "tough" life. She'd really like to share the hot tub w/ "dad", but he's just NOT cooperating. Goldfish crackers do make life much more bearable, though.

ps: huskies nearly always have blue eyes and are much smaller, usually have much more white on their coats, too--Raven is 11 mos. and 85 lbs., stands nearly hip high--

P M Prescott said...

Thanks for giving all the particulars, Anne.
I'll get to posting my pets over the weekend, now I'm feeling human again.