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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Novel news

Danny Andrews was here a couple of weeks ago hosting an alumni dinner for Wayland (Baptist University). He's replaced the long time Public Relations and Alumni coordinator, Joe Province. I gave him one of my fliers on Optimus. He recently e-mailed me wanting particulars on the novel so it can go into the Alumni magazine they send out every four months. It's about bloody time! I've sent them e-post cards, and e-mails announcing it, and they've ignored them. Maybe during the transition I fell between the cracks, but finally it should be out there.
I've also created a new blog optimuspg.blogspot.com -- even though the other blog was devoted to Optimus it started out as my Captain's Log blog and had that URL address which made it confusing. I'm shutting down the other blog site and letting this one take over the novel. It will be much easier to put on business cards and fliers for advertizing.

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