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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Before Yellowstone Explodes

My fourth novel is nearly ready. It is my most ambitious project to date. This literary baby has been so far three years in gestation and the first novel to be multi-generational. I anticipate sending it off for publication by the end of summer. I'm going to try Amazon's Create Space for hard copy publication hoping to have a much better experience than I did with Publish America.

Please leave a comment if you think this is a book you would enjoy.

The novel is entitled The Fan Plan: Before Yellowstone Explodes

What happens when billions of people are hungry and there's no food?
How does humanity survive a volcanic winter without going back to the stone age?

A meteorite hits Northwestern Wyoming on April 1, 1965. The geology department of Trans Global Oil's computer predicts that the magma under Yellowstone will erupt in forty or fifty years caused by this impact. In geologic time from impact to explosion is a split second.
Realizing that when this super volcano explodes the shit is going to hit the fan and billions of people on this planet will die. The Chairman of the Board and President of TGO develop a plan to save civilization and our modern scientific and technological world.
The Fan Plan not only takes measures to ensure food, shelter and energy for the coming ten years of cold and darkness, but a Scientific Secret Police to protect all acquired knowledge, scientists and others from being blamed as the cause of God's wrath to keep humanity from going into another dark age.
Starting in the 1920's when Lyman Drake hits his first gusher in Breckenridge, Texas and creates Trans Global Oil to the 1950's when James Eastman marries Lyman's daughter, Sylvia, and becomes president of TGO to 1965 when the meteor strikes and the three of them develop the Fan Plan; up to 2010 when Patrick Eastman with his half-brothers and sisters with their children continue preparing for the Fan to hit in the predicted year of 2027. The Fan Plan covers the intricacies of an expanding family in an increasingly diverse society, the rise of technology over the last forty years that will aid the pending disaster as well as cultural and political upheavals along the way. 

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