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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Republican Recipe

Albuquerque is 60% registered democrats and about 30% registered republicans with 10% independent. Last night an unknown republican was elected mayor over an eight year incumbent and he'd been mayor previously making a total of 12 years (nonconsecutive) as mayor. How did this happen, and why can a political party that many people think is bankrupt of ideas and support still get people elected?
Here's their recipe:
Step 1: In a back room, preferable smoke filled, choose one person to run for that office. Keep the process hidden so the general public doesn't see the bloodshed.
Step 2: Keep your talking points simple. ie law and order, lower taxes, run government like a business, the usual.
Step 3: Sit back and let the democrats split the vote between two, three or four egomaniacs that no matter what the polls say believe they can be elected.
Step 4: Right before the election throw mud at the leading democratic candidate's character, but don't give them time to respond.

This recipe worked yesterday.
Marty Chavez was running for his third straight term and should have been a shoo in, the Republican only got 43% of the vote. As Mercutio tells Romeo, "T'is a scratch, but t'is enough."
You see Richard Romero was also running for mayor, and he got 21% of the vote, just enough to let the repub get over the 40% mark. If he'd been under it there would have been a run-off that Marty would most likely have won hands down.
Republicans don't have to win elections. The democrats give them away.

How did Bush get elected in 2000 and 2004? Thank Ralph Nader, both times. The republicans even financed his campaign in 2004. Green Party my ass, disgruntled democrat that only had thoughts of himself and fucking the country by giving us Bushco. If he really wanted to serve his country he could have dropped out of both races and endorse Gore and Kerry to swing it their way. Romero could have done the same. But nooooooo their egos wouldn't let them do the right thing. Now for the next four years we're stuck with a mayor that will open the cities coffers up to fat cat business men and the average citizen is going to get a twelve pronged metal suppository.


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Romero beat Chavez, fer sher. Berry didn't do it. The Dims split the ethnic vote and Berry won the (w)heights for a plurality.

And Cadogan? I thought he was a kind of liberal (for the west side) guy? he got beat, too?

Albuquerque's always been a bourgeois town...

ya think Berry's got higher ambitions?

One Fly said...

dims will eat their own and ask for more.no wonder we can't get a damn thing done. too bad for you guys down there.

P M Prescott said...

Woody, just depends on how much he lets the blood sucking bizznez leaders pocket.

P M Prescott said...

One Fly: That's fursur

Michael Manning said...

PM: You know me. I have reached the point in life where labels mean nothing to me. I want to know what each individual stands for. Clint Eastwood has to be in late 70's now and he said something like: "I don't see a problem with people re-thinking their beliefs and making adjustments to real time". I like cooperation and harmony. When Jan Brewer was nominated to lead Homeland Security, John McCain was among the first to telephone her. He said "Jan, you are ideally suited to lead and I will be supporting your nomination one hundred percent. You have impeccable qualifications". And he did support her with heavy lobbying. Unfortunately, Jan was replaced with a Governor here in my state that has horrified me with bad judgment. On July 7th, she had an opportunity to pass a ban on horse tripping. It is today October 7th and that bill is still languishing. So many bad decisions followed. Like keeping us a "right to work state"? So, I look at the person more than the party. Just my opinion! Many good people on both sides of the aisle and independents. If they could just stop bludgeoning one another long enough so I could sort out who is doing what! I'm an optimistic guy.