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Monday, January 01, 2007

Bed sweet bed

I am spoiled. I enjoy my bed. It is adjustable and I can set the tension to my comfort level. I hate it when we leave and I have to sleep on a regular flat bed. With my acid reflux it is not a pleasant experience. We just got home from a nine day trip to Texas. Love my family and enjoyed Christmas and the time we spent there, wouldn't have missed it for anything, but boy did I miss my bed. We had to stay an extra day in Lubbock as New Mexico was shut down by snow. Grinnygranny had to take me to an emergency room the first night. The cold that has been a problem now for two weeks had worked it way up into my eyes, and I needed relief. I got some gooey ointment that has helped alot, but the only thing the doctor said about the sinus and chest congestion was to keep taking the over-the-counter medications and wait it out. When we checked out of the motel Grinnygranny told the desk clerk to treat the room as a hasmat situation. We went through over two boxes of tissue.

The drive home was quite an adventure. It started good enough. We made it to Clovis and ate lunch at K-Bobs as usual, went on to Fort Sumner, but the road to Vaughn was closed which forced us to drive up to I-40 and Santa Rosa. When we got to Santa Rosa I-40 was closed, but another road to Vaughn was open. So we wound up driving 120 mile to get to Vaugn instead of the usual 60. We then took the southern road that runs from Encino to Mountaire to Belen. It's 53 miles from Encino to Mountainaire. It took us an hour and a half. Most of it on a ten mile stretch that was icy and so fogged up to be white out condition. Once past that stretch it went quick again. When we got by the Monzano Mountains and started down into the Rio Grande Valley we got back into the heavy fog. From Belen to home it was nerve wracking trying to not get clobbered by some dipstick behind you wanting to drive the speed limit in white out conditions.
When we got home we couldn't get in the driveway it had a full foot of snow on it. We had to shovel off one side to get parked and unloaded. It was really cold and did not help with out colds.
Taking it easy today and actually have clear enough eyesight to use the computer again.

Happy New Year to Everyone that frequents the Family and Friends Blog.


1 plus twins said...

oh my i so hope you start feeling better soon! i am just amazed. i know i said this before but i really had no clue that new mexico got snow. i just always thought it was warm like az!! nothing beats your own bed. glad you are home and in your own bed and hopefully getting better. happy new year!!

P.M. Prescott said...

This is not a normal year.