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Monday, November 14, 2016

Stupidity Won

Within a week of the results of this election I've lost a friend, pastor and client.
Theologically we've been close on the majority of issues. The only time we came to a disagreement in church was over the issue of same sex marriage. The other members of the congregation were surprised, but he used this to impress upon them that we can disagree and still be friends and fellow believers.
Politically he's known I'm a democrat and I've known he's a republican. We decided to not talk politics.
He's a friend on Facebook, but he rarely bothers with the site. I have written my views on many issues over the years and he's not said or written a word. After the election he didn't come in and gloat and I didn't say anything in the office. We were business as usual.
This past Friday, I reposted a number of thoughts I had concerning Mike Pense in July and August stating a belief that Trump if elected would either resign, or be impeached  and a right wing dominionist, someone who wants to turn the U.S. into a theocracy, will be president. In the post from August, I re-posted an article about Pense and made the statement that if "stupidity wins and Trump is elected."
This friend, pastor and client responded to the post. He was offended that I thought all who voted for Trump were stupid. He wrote some words that created a rift that is now irreparable. He said he "voted for Trump because Hillary is a baby murderer and wants to take away religious freedom."
He equated wanting to maintain the status quo that's existed for forty three years with being a baby murderer. This is not civil discourse. His idea of religious freedom I consider religious oppression.
Over the weekend, I cleaned out the office. I knew we could no longer work together amiably. Today I turned in the keys. He agreed we couldn't work together and allow me to spew hate on my fb page.

I will not be muzzled.

Evangelical Christians have been voting to overturn Roe v Wade since 1980. The Republicans have always promised to do this. To this date it hasn't happened. To follow the logic of if elected Hillary would be a baby murderer, this man and preachers all over the country have been saying; then Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama are also baby murderers. Abortion has been legal in the U.S. since 1973. Reagan, and the two Bushes have appointed numerous justices to the Supreme Court. Since Roberts was approved and made Chief Justice until the day Scalia died, the republican had a 5-4 advantage. They could have voted to repeal Roe v Wade at any time in over a twelve year period. Following their logic, by not doing this it makes them and the president who appointed them baby murderers.
They kept Obama from appointing a replacement for Scalia for the express purpose of using this to sway evangelical voters. That is how single minded those voters are.
If Roe v Wade were ever overturned republicans would lose the evangelical vote. This is the one issue that keeps them faithfully voting for trickle down economics, perpetual war, the dismantling of the affordable care act, turning medicare into vouchers, privatizing social security, destroying pubic education, the list goes on. No matter what at least Republicans are pro-life.
Here is why I consider those who joined in electing Trump with Wall Street thieves drooling for the good old days of 2008, the KKK, American Nazi Party, for the sole purpose of ending abortion to be stupid.
  • I cannot work with someone who would hand over the nuclear codes to a madman. 
  • I cannot worship with a man who considers making all women of reproductive age a slave to the government. By making abortion illegal a woman's will is violated. Her body becomes the property of the state and if she does anything to violate those property rights she's considered a criminal. A person considered property with no rights, no will, and no choice is a slave.
  • I cannot be friends with a man who accuses me with spewing hate by calling those who voted for Trump stupid. It was an opinion, not hate speech.
  • He and all those who preached from the pulpit to support a man more in character with Caligula than Christ, so he can appoint yet another puppet to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade have been played for fools, yet again. I still think stupidity won.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I think opposing Roe vs Wade is a big industry and I had never thought about it in terms like you proposed but yes the right would lose the evangelical vote.

I just hardly ever say anything about abortion with anybody but my wife. It is just too emotional an issue for many people to discuss.

I think Trump as president will be a disaster. He can't help himself, he is going to get impeached.

P M Prescott said...

You're right about how emotionally charged the issue has become. One thing about those on the right, they never give up, even after they've won.