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Friday, May 13, 2011

Busy busy busy

Monday I gave a presentation at Writers 2 Writers and using a projector demonstrated to the group how easy it was to publish e-stories. I published a story I worked on that day called Car Hop. I did a real simple powerpoint back ground and text for the cover art. It wasn't available until Thursday. I priced it at 0.00 on Smashwords.com. Amazon and Nook require it to be at least .99. It's now available on them too.

Since it's been published I've had over 250 looks and around 20 downloads on Smashwords. Telling how readers are looking for the free stuff. If I put enough of this out as free and people start recongizing my name maybe they'll be more willing to pay for it.

I dug my very first novel out of mothballs and have reworked it. I wrote it the summer of 1989 for Ted Turner's Tomorrow Award, naturally I didn't win. It's named Vander's Magic Carpet and is about the problems of getting the first flying car through all the political and legal hurdles for marketing. Science Fiction at the time, but I read recently there are four viable contenders ready to be put on sale within the next ten years.

The story's only 55,000 words long and I'm thinking about cover art while a few friends are reading so I'll get some peer review. I was surprised how well it held up over the years since I wrote it on an old 286 pc with no hard drive using Bank Street Writer and saving it on 51/4 in floppys. With each upgrade over the last 22 years I've saved it just in case, and guess what now it can see the light of day. When I publish it I'll price it a .99 just to get some feedback.


Michael Manning said...

I am always amazed at your focus and perseverence!

P M Prescott said...

Michael, e-publishing is like a 900 pound gorilla has been lifted off my shoulders.